Monday, November 12, 2012


Getting adjusted to this diet is a challenge. Not so much during the week because I’m so busy it’s all I can do to just remember to eat. But on the weekends, during my recovery periods, I spend a lot of time chillin’ and when I’m doing nothing all I want to do is eat. The first couple days of the diet I experienced a splitting headache. Not sure if it was protein overload or what. It’s gotten better. I spent Sunday cooking and packaging my chicken breast for the week. I’m thinking I should also crack my eggs for breakfast the night before as well. You should see me bustling around my kitchen in the morning trying to get my breakfast (4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, oatmeal), lunch (4 oz chicken breast and 4.4 oz brown rice) and snacks (2 protein shakes and 2 bananas) ready for the day.

Over the weekend, I had my daughter take some “before” pictures of me. I have a front, side and rear view in a bathing suit. Not pretty at all. I used to display my goal body on my bulletin board to give me motivation. Not anymore. Now I have these before pics taped to my bedroom mirror so I see it every single day, several times a day and I’m telling you there is no better motivation. Trust, those pictures will not see the light of day until I have an acceptable “after” picture.

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