Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giving up the Foodie Life?

So I was having a conversation with someone who is also on a fitness journey and the subject of nutrition came up. We’re both modifying our diets in order to maximize our workouts. She knows my relationship with food and asked how I was handling the restrictive diet. I have never, ever believed in diets. I have never believed in depriving myself. I love food. All kinds of food. I love food so much I started another blog dedicated to my love of food.

How am I handling it? So far so good. I had to change my relationship with food. I had to adopt the notion that food is for nourishment first, enjoyment second. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m NOT enjoying my food now. I do, only for different reasons. I enjoy eating now because I know what I’m eating is making me stronger. I know what I’m eating is helping me toward my goal. See, before I would enjoy a meal that included alcohol, appetizers, main course and dessert and sit on the couch and rub my stomach and think about how good it tasted and how full I was. I would never think about the amount of fat and sugar I was taking in. You can’t exercise off a bad diet. Now I’ll eat a meal and know that it’s working for me and not against me. That’s how I’m handling it.

Will I ever fall back in love with food? Yes I will. But I will get more creative with my choices making sure that it is the healthiest choice possible. Good food does not have to drown in rich sauces and be loaded with calories. At the same time it doesn’t have to be completely bland and tasteless. There is a balance. I couldn’t live my life with only baked chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli. But for right now this is what I need to do in order to get to where I want to be.

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