Friday, April 19, 2013


I hate to say that I’m dieting.  To me, the word “diet” implies something done in the short term.  I’m actually changing the way that I eat so I really am making lifestyle changes.  I don’t drink soda (haven’t for years), I don’t eat fried food (haven’t for months) and I very rarely eat sweets.  I don’t even drink as much wine as I used to but that’s mainly because I’m training for this competition.  Anyway, because these changes are relatively new I still try to find ways to enjoy the stuff that I really like but only in a healthy way.  It’s a tough battle and I’m losing.  I’ve tried a bunch of different things and I’ve quickly figured out that:

Oven fried chicken is NOT fried chicken

Brownies made from protein powder do NOT taste like brownies

There is NO healthy alternative to potato chips

On the up side:

I enjoy having egg whites and oatmeal every morning

Water refreshes me like nothing else and
Frozen Greek yogurt is an acceptable substitute for ice cream

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TJ said...

I've really taken a liking to water, too.