Friday, May 2, 2014

Conspiracy Theory

I am extremely introverted and am notorious for living my life in a vacuum.  I do what I want and make life-changing decisions with little or no outside counsel.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  As I get older, I’m beginning to wonder if I would be better served if I were a little more externally focused.  I’m beginning to understand (better late than never) that I don’t know everydamnthing.  The input of others provides a different perspective that I may not have even known existed.

What am I saying?

Recently, I watched Pharell’s interview with Oprah.  He is a very humble man and refused to take any real credit for his phenomenal success.  Instead he stated that the universe conspired to make it all happen. 

People were put in his path, things fell into place and he had little to do with it.

Ever since I saw that interview those words have stayed with me … the universe conspired.  Something about outside forces getting together and working on my behalf really gives me a warm fuzzy (All things work together for good for those that love God and are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28).  The challenge for me is, letting the universe know what I want.  In other words, being able to say things out loud without fear that I’m going to somehow “jinx” my plans.  Saying what my plans are without fear of judgment or ridicule.  Not that judgment and ridicule won’t occur, but being able to face it and move on.

Operation “My Freedom” is in full swing and I have to grab on to the fact that in order for it to be a success I have to put myself out there.  I have to market and sell myself.  I’m the product.  Me.  If I don’t sell me – then none of this works.

Yesterday, I posted in a forum that I belong to, that I was dedicating the month of May to really putting myself in front of people in order to create a buzz and line up some clients.

This morning I received a phone call from a potential client to set up a consultation for next week.

Thank you Universe.


Moe said...

Go !!!!

I need to take a lesson and do the same.

Yvonne Hall said...

Is it the universe or is it God? You already quoted the scripture: "All things work together for good for those who love God/The Lord and are the called according to His purposes." I'm just careful to whom you give the credit for your success in life.

LadyLee said...


I am reading some books on this. I am more interested in the spiritual bridge more than anything. Yes we always say "the universe", but who spoke the universe into existence? God. And whose image are we made in? God.

All these matters are tightly interconnected. So I am understanding never be afraid to speak out there what we want to see happen. The problem is the FEAR and UNBELIEF that keeps us from speaking what we want to see. That is what is holding things back. We live in 11 dimensions, which means there is a ton of stuff going on that we don't know about. And our thoughts and words shape much of that... Our prayers shape much of that... more than we will EVER understand.

And what makes things even more interesting is that if we get our mindsets lined up with God's Word and put that out into "the universe"... uh, things line up... as they should.

You know how I feel about paths, and seed, and sowing. All of it is related.

So I am glad to hear Pharelle has some grip on that, moreso from a secular standpoint than anything. Wish he would talk to his salty friend Kanye!

Alright, I won't blog in your comment section. I may pop out a post on it all since I am reading up on it. But put it out there Chele. I have watched you over the years. It will all come to you... running you over, even!