Thursday, December 18, 2014

2015 Forecast for the Libra

Dear Libra, 2015 is simply meant for you! You are lucky! Literally! You haven’t had such a successful year in a while, so one can confidently say that in 2015 many positive changes you’ve been dreaming of will take place in your life. Nice to hear, since I’m making some huge changes in my professional life beginning in January But…under one condition, that is if you are ready to change, if you are mature and strong enough to face the upcoming changes. I am so ready for change!  Despite duality, the Scales are naturally very strong personalities! Your only weakness is your thoughts and low wishes which can throw a million reasons at you with the sole goal of taking you off the right path. At times what you are scared of or what you want the least is exactly what you need! I can agree with that!

In the first half of 2015 Libra should expect the changes in its surrounding. Your close ones will witness you becoming more sociable, involved and interested. Hmmmm … I’m not sociable, involved or particularly interested.  However, in order to facilitate the changes in my professional life I may have to become so. During this time your social circle will grow significantly. You will notice that you are interested in absolutely everything and you want to know even more. True.  I have conferences planned and other educational opportunities on the calendar.  In the first half of the year you may meet your future close friends. And on the contrary, during the same period of 2015 the likelihood of being betrayed by a close person is quite high. Huh???? But, despite a negative side of such situation, you shouldn’t be worried! This will simply mean that life has taken away unwanted and useless companions from your orbit and better people will take their place. Early 2015 is the time of big changes; it is an active period meant for your growing popularity first and foremost. If, for the first time ever, you, dear Scales, get comfortable with the idea of getting invited to the party, that life is, instead of being an outsider, then time has come for you to get your dividends. You may rightfully expect your income to grow and large amount of money to inflow; This I believeyou can go ahead and start implementing your own project or your own business – you’ll have enough energy and opportunities for it. Absolutely right!  It’s already done! Besides, you need to realize that in order to become successful you won’t have to go out of your way. Perhaps, the main condition of your complete success in 2015 is its natural way as well as spontaneity of good luck. Good luck?  Not sure that’s how I would characterize it.  Everything has fallen into place for me so far and I call that FAVOR.  I expect it will continue.  After all, in order to become wiser, you have to study, spend long hours at the libraries reading through piles of books and finally defend your right to the MSc title before the panel of professors. Or, in order to have something to eat, you have to go to a diner/restaurant or simply go to a store, choose groceries to buy and cook something afterwards. One way or another, in our life we always look for things, prepare for them and get them done with the exception of good luck itself. I get the comparison:  for everything we want, there is a process and I’m working the process.  One doesn’t have to do anything special to be able to grab it by its tail. And this is the point…On the one hand, you should of course be ready, but one way or another, Good Luck will find you by itself! 

Many Scales will go through a move or change of residence in 2015. You may feel drawn to another house or another city. Moreover, your desire to change the scenery will be so strong and the temptation of new places so irresistible that you’ll find it hard to stay in one spot. InterestingIf there are all preconditions in place, don’t restrain yourself since all the travels within the country in the course of 2015 will be good for you. Also, in 2015 making larger acquisitions I love the idea of this … and handling transactions with means of transportation (buying and selling) will prove favorable. 

Libra should pay special attention to the relations with its relatives in 2015. You may feel a touch alienated from your close ones; you may also feel as if you are not understood or they don’t want to support you. The truth is this will be the case only to some extent. Try to get into the shoes of those you love: don’t take things close to heart since they still have a bit of hard time accepting the changes you go through. They need time to believe you are truly making good progress. 
Great advice.

You should focus on financial matters in the summer months. Despite good income, your expenses will be growing in the second half of 2015 and this may mean some financial hardship in your working capital. You must limit your spending especially in June-September of 2015 in order to live a debt-free life and have enough funds to realize your projects and reach your goals. 

Once the time of active changes is over, Libra may feel tired of the responsibility they assumed earlier in the first half of 2015. Somehow you should manage to spend more time in tranquility and peace; rest more. Be sure to plan some passive leisure for the fall and winter months and you’ll be quick to realize how important peace is for restoration of your mind and body. 
Sounds like I should be planning something relaxing for my birthday. J

**Note:  I do not take horoscopes seriously, I just found this interesting.  This is for entertainment purposes only**

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