Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Time to Evaluate!

Okay, it’s June and half of 2015 is gone.  Now is the perfect opportunity to review the goals that you set in January and check your progress.

In December 2014, I completed an annual Review/Preview and posted it here .

Basically, it was a review of 2014 and preview of how I wanted my 2015 to look.  It was a fantastic exercise and I encourage each of you to do your own review/preview for next year.  As I go through my list, there are some things that I accomplished (turning Pro in Figure), some things I abandoned (teaching a class on Wholeness) and some things that I’m still working on (building my client roster).

So far, I believe it’s been a pretty successful six months but I know I have plenty of work to do. 

Things that I’m looking forward to in the next six months are
Conducting the Fab Fit & 50 Summer Boot Camp (June 13 – July 25)
Being a vendor at the Women in Business conference at the end of the month
Competing as a professional figure competitor in August
Taking my birthday trip (destination still unknown)
Spending the holidays with my family and not having to stress about an upcoming competition

How are you doing on your 2015 goals?

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