Friday, February 12, 2016

Snowy Friday

I had three appointments today and they were all cancelled. 

1 – The cable guy was supposed to be here between 10-12 but he got held up at the house before mine and wasn’t going to make it until after 12:30. I had another appointment at 2:00 so I had to reschedule.

2 – My 2:00 appointment was with my new boss and I guess he forgot to tell me that the fitness center was closing at 1:00 due to inclement weather – or I got the days wrong.  Either way, the appointment didn’t happen.

3 – I signed up to take a fitness class this evening to support a fellow fitness professional and because of the snow (you guessed it) she postponed it until next week.

So, my previously “busy” Friday has turned into a day of rescheduling and disappointment.  I’m lying on my bed watching the Walking Dead marathon – new episodes are starting on Sunday.  

I have a bunch of writing to do.  I have several articles that I have to review and find some online publications to submit them to.  Any suggestions?

As I look out the window and watch the snow fall I can’t help but be overwhelmed with how good my life is right now.  I’ve been having these amazing conversations with my children.  Separate conversations and it amazes me that they are not little kids anymore.  They still need me but in such a different way.  They come to me when they want to talk.  My daughter, who is incredibly strong, knows she can come to me when she needs to be weak.  My son, who is about to really leave the nest, comes to me and reassures me that he is absolutely ready to take this step.  I know he is. 

I am so proud of the adults that they have become.  Their lives are just beginning and there is no better feeling for a parent than to know that your children are prepared for the world.  And even though I know they are prepared, they know that if necessary I will be there.

Remember my adopted cat?  He stopped coming around.  I was playing with the idea of getting a pet, a dog perhaps.  Studies show that people with pets live longer.  I don’t think I have the patience or temperament to get a dog though.  I’ve owned cats before and I do believe that’s the way I’ll go.  Since, I’m usually a very impulsive person I’ve decided to wait until March and if I still want a cat then I’ll head over to the SPCA and pick one out.

I’ve got to get back to work.  I hope you have a good weekend.

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