Saturday, April 16, 2016

Learning the Lesson

Describing the last few days as interesting would be an understatement.  Up and down, up and down, emotions just all over the place and I really hate that.  I need stability.

On Wednesday I got to work with two new clients and it was fantastic.  Both women were between 50-60 and they had different goals and I’m creating programs for both of them.  I really felt like what I did mattered.  I felt validated.

Note to self:  I need to learn to validate myself on a daily basis and not wait for events to occur in order to have that feeling

I was floating on air for a few days, feeling secure in the fact that I made the right decision for my future.  Then today I felt challenged and I had to fight really hard not to lash out.  Days like today remind me why I prefer my company to the company of others.

Then I realized something.  I realized that whenever I face challenges I really should be looking for the lesson in the challenge.  Otherwise, the challenge will continue to pop up and I will continue to face it and these challenges have a way of clouding my vision to the good things that are happening.

Case in point:  I had to give a presentation today and the topic was fitness nutrition.  At the end of the presentation the sponsor of the event took me aside and critiqued my performance – not the content but some performance points.  At the same event, another presenter – a doctor and specialist in health education – spoke to me about what I do and expressed an interest in possibly having me come to work for their foundation as a trainer for seniors.  However, because I was focused on the criticism I forgot to be grateful for the new opportunity and ingratitude is one of the quickest ways to block a blessing.

The truth is I should have taken the criticism and moved on.  As I think about it now it really wasn’t something to be upset about.   Here’s the thing, when something tiny offends you it is very easy to add a bunch of other things to it and blow it completely out of proportion – like the fact that he got my last name wrong on the presentation materials.  We’ve been working together for almost a month and you can’t be bothered to remember my last name … really?


Okay I’m done.  I’m letting it go now.  For real.

The lessons for today are: learn to give people grace and always stay focused on the good.  Easier said than done, but I have to make the effort.

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