Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tales from the Gym

I love what I do.  As I was walking through the fitness center yesterday it really hit me that I love what I do.  I had on a t-shirt, capri cut exercise pants and high top Chuck Taylor’s.  Long gone are the “business casual” outfits and high heels.  I am so happy.

Each day brings me something new.  I’m building my client list and with that comes new opportunities to help someone.  A significant population of the patrons at this facility are retirees and they all have a story – and they don’t mind sharing.  I’m building relationships with these people … and who would have ever thought that an introvert such as myself would think that was a good thing?  I make an effort to remember the names of the people that come in regularly and I greet them by name.  Have you ever noticed how people love the sound of their own name?  Many of them seem surprised when they hear their name come out of my mouth and soon the look of surprise turns into a smile.  I like making people smile.

  • There’s a man that comes in who is probably around 60.  He’s in really good shape and he keeps asking me when I’m going to spot him while he does his bench presses.
  • Then there’s the gentleman who keeps updating me on his weight loss, he’s down 40lbs since the end of January!
  • And the older woman (close to 80) who likes to talk about how men her age can’t keep up with her!  She’s looking for a steady dance partner.
  • And my latest client who is a 65-year-old woman who is the absolute sweetest person on the planet.  She is strong and wants to stay that way.  She just needs some clear instructions on what she should do.  I assessed her recently and she did 15 pushups with no problem and 18 situps in 60 seconds.  She’s a beast.

Every day isn’t a cake walk.  Like any other job it comes with its challenges.  But so what?  What is life without challenges? B-O-R-I-N-G. 
I love what I do.  So much so, that I’m in the process of picking up a second job at another facility.  This job will give me the opportunity to utilize more of my coaching/mentoring skills as well as training in fitness. 

I’m moving into a new season in my life.  It’s exciting.  I realize I got very complacent – almost lazy – while I was working in the corporate world.  I’m not afraid of hard work and honestly, I didn’t have to work very hard in the last 10 years or so.  Time to get back to it. 

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