Sunday, April 24, 2016

What Do You Do For Fun?

I always have a difficult time answering that question and I just figured out why.  It’s because I never think my answer will be interpreted as "fun" by the person who asked the question.  So I try to search my mind thinking of something that they will think is fun.

That stops.

Want to know what I do for fun?

I read
I write
I binge watch television shows on Netflix and Hulu
I watch Marvel comic movies with my grown children
I read Walking Dead comics
I lift weights
I run
I talk to my cat
I drink wine
I cook

All these activities are fun for me.

Now you …


Anonymous said...

Spend time with my fiancé
Hot Yoga
Bike Ride
Hang with friends/ girls nights

dmac said...

I read
I like trying new recipes
I watch Real Housewives of whoever when I want to laugh
I talk to my husband
I like to eat and drink
Sometimes I like to walk and just enjoy nature
Sometimes I like to sit on the couch and enjoy the AC