Friday, July 1, 2016

Keeping it all in perspective

It’s Friday night. July 1st.  It’s raining – pouring actually.  I am content.  Except for my back.  For the last several months I have been suffering with lower back pain.  Not just a nagging ache but debilitating pain.  As long as I stay moving I seem to be okay.  I can run several miles no problem, but if I lay down on the couch it hurts to get up.  I can lift weights for an hour straight but turning over in the bed causes a great deal of pain.  I don’t know what to do.  I remember the days when I was pain-free.  Last week I took the week off from lifting and focused only on cardio.  I noticed that I was experiencing less pain.  A trip to the doctor may be in my future.  Until then, I’ll do what I can to manage the pain.

I found this ridiculously beautiful park and lake around the corner from my house.  I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for 14 years and I’m just now discovering this park.  It’s my new running spot.  It’s quiet and there’s no traffic.  It’s about a 3-mile run and I love it.  Sometimes I just walk it and enjoy everything around me.  I am really starting to appreciate little things like that.

I’m interviewing next week for another position at the Y.  It’s a position for a night manager.  I’d still be able to do the coaching and teach my class.  I’m hoping that the interview is just formality.  I’m hoping that this will be an opportunity for the director to tell me about the position and ask for my availability and then tell me when I can start.  Since I already work there, I won’t have to go through the reference check again.  So yeah, I’m hoping this is just a formality.  My boss at the fitness center said he would work with me and adjust my current shifts in order to make room for this position at the Y.

Additionally, the facility manager at the fitness center resigned two weeks ago.  My supervisor may be in line for that job and his boss asked me (strictly out of curiosity) if I would be interested in my supervisor’s job should it become vacant.  I told him if I could continue to teach my classes and work with my personal training clients than I would be interested.

I am interested in moving up but I would need the flexibility to be able to actually work with and help people.  That is why I left the corporate world – so I could feel like I was helping people.  The people in my classes and my personal training clients let me know every single day that they are grateful for what I do.  I do not want to give that up.  Anyway, if I was going to move up anywhere I’d like it to be at the Y because of the free membership.  I don’t want to give up the free membership.

So much to consider.

Changing gears here – I recently had an article published on an online magazine.  You can read the article HERE.  I recently had another article accepted that will be published in August.

I’m doing live broadcasts now on Facebook Live.  I’m broadcasting early in the morning on my P.U.S.H. page on Facebook.  I’m usually broadcasting between 6:00-6:30 a.m. if you’re interested.  If not, you can always catch the replay.  The broadcasts are faith-based and taken from devotionals that I’ve chosen from the YouVersion app.  For the next few weeks I’ll be talking about love.  You can go to the page to see some of the broadcasts from last month.

The rain has stopped and I’m reflecting on my blessings.  There are so many.  Too many to list here.  Between the job opportunities, writing opportunities, good friends and healthy family members I am overwhelmed.  Everything is not perfect but I’ve learned that happiness is all about perspective.  I can either choose to focus on the bad (my aching back) or on all of the remarkable good that continues to flow in my direction.

I choose the good.

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