Friday, May 9, 2008


I came across this article which lists 8 things that men do to annoy their women.

Here's my take:

1. You don't pick up after yourself at my place: Not an issue. He doesn't treat my place like his place.

2. You ask how much my new haircut or handbag costs: Yeah ... this gets on my last nerve. I work every day and I'm not asking you for any money so why do you care that I spend $75 every six weeks for a facial, or that I bought another pair of shoes, or that I pay a guy to keep my lawn green? Seriously, why do you care?

3. You talk to me as if I'm one of the guys: Unless he's calling the guys "sweetie", "honey", and "baby" ... this is not an issue.

4. You speak of the future vaguely: Not an issue. In fact, this is probably something that annoys him about me!

5. You stop trying: Absolutely not an issue. He tries very hard to keep it fun and satisfying for me. He wanted me to meet him after work for dinner on Tuesday and when I suggested that I go home first to change clothes (I was wearing a suit) he said that I didn't have to worry about that. When I got to his house he had bought two dresses for me to choose from ... they were both beautiful and appropriate ... he never stops trying.

6. You blatantly look at porn: Yeah ... he does. Sometimes I'll watch it with him but most of the time ... not so much. But hey ... what he does in his house is his business ... just don't bring it over to my house.

7. You turn down sex: Um ... no.

8. You ask me out via text: He never has to ask me out. We have an understanding.

So I guess this list must have been aimed toward someone else because there was only one thing that really bugged me. Or I just have it really good.

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Luke Cage said...

Whew! I made it. I don't do ANY of those things Chele. I was expecting that some of my hangups would have been on the list. But you know my weird azz probably wouldn't have his inadequacies show up on a list. I take the cake! Happy Mother's day luv.