Friday, May 16, 2008

Want Me To Start a Tab?

Don't get excited. There's nothing to worry about ... but I did do something this week that I have never done. I had a drink everyday this week.

Monday - glass of Pinot Noir

Tuesday - Date night!!! Grey Goose cosmo
Wednesday - another glass of Pinot

Thursday - two Absolut cosmos

and now today ... nothing yet and I think I may just chill

with another glass of Pinot.

No wonder I'm in such a good mood.

Seriously, I have allowed myself to forget the troubles of this life. They are just not important. Of course, I will continue to do what I need to do and I won't stop until I get to where I want to be.

There are 24 hours in a day and I can choose to be miserable through each one or I can choose to smile and add something positive to my surroundings instead of sucking the life out of them.

When I left work yesterday I headed straight for the bay. There is a little place that features live music (provided by my man), good drinks and a beautiful view of the Chesapeake Bay. I sat there for a little over an hour and that was all it took to put me in the best mood. Music + view + alcohol = BLISS. And when I got to work today I just refused to let anything or anyone get to me.

Okay, maybe the solution isn't being a drunk beach bum but I do believe I needed to change my perspective. I've always concentrated so much on the "have to" and I very rarely would allow myself to enjoy any of the "want to".

Have a great weekend.


lyre said...

self medication is the first law of nature. LOL
I think I might join you in your quest for fire in life!

Shai said...

I feel ya. It must be in the air. I have drank not everyday. I did break a rule of mine: Don't buy more than 2 drinks(bottles-pint or half) in one week. *sigh*

I have Hard Rock Cafe on my mind ALL day. I want a Mellotini and a nice meal. LOL.

LadyLee said...

I like your attitude. We can be miserable or we can be happy. I choose to be happy.

I feel like once we let go of the worries that are holding us down, THEN we can move forward...

Oldgirl, go head on and have a fifth of Mad Dog 20/20 on me to kick off the weekend...

Send me the bill, man! LOL!!

Blu Jewel said...

I like this in you Chele. Sometimes we must step outside the box and remember that simpler things in life. The atmosphere you described sounds wonderful and I'm praying for a similar opportunity very soon. Pray for me that I will be able to spend Father's Day with my father this year. He lives in Jamaica and it will be a double blessing. The day with him and some much needed rest for me.


Aunt Jackie said...

Spoken like a true woman. Were having this conversation last night, work to live not live to work...

we must take the time to do what recharges our batteries or we get burnt out, non-productive, bitter, old quick and crazy...ON THE JOB

which is absolutely no bueno.

I raise my glass to you! cheers!

Blah Blah Blah said...

...that's why are blogger buddies..

I am the "want to"...which isn't at all responsible.

Just be careful...'cause once you reach the point of thinking that wine isn't actually a drink but a a health recommendation...then you've caught up with me.
I fool myself in believing as long as it's not liquor then I am good...'cause grapes are good for you, no?

Next time I visit my aunt...I swer I am coming and finding you in VA!