Monday, August 4, 2008

Many Thanks

As an anniversary gift to B, I took him on a journey to New York in order to see one of his favorite musicians, Johnny A. The quick trip was a success due in part to many people that we met along the way.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them:

Crew of Airtran Flight 648: For taking off on time and for providing vodka and cranberry to B at 1:30 in the afternoon to help combat his fear of flying.

Ground Transportation Customer Service Rep: Who sent us to the National Car Rental Shuttle when I asked for the Hertz Shuttle. I know you and the shuttle driver were just trying to drum up business for National but I had already pre-paid for Hertz.

National Car Rental Shuttle Driver: For driving us back to Hertz once you realized that we weren’t going with National.

Hertz Rental Agent: Even though you didn’t look at me the entire time we were conducting our transaction, you did provide us with directions to Grand Central Parkway.

Decision Makers at Hertz: For having the sense to put GPS systems in your rental cars. Even though B and I are technologically challenged, we did finally figure out how to get the hell out of the city and onto Grand Central Parkway.

People of New York on Saturday afternoon: Thanks for laying on your horns and yelling obscenities at me as I tried to navigate my way out of the city. It reminded me of home!

Tiffany at the Orangeburg Holiday Inn: Thanks for your patience with B after the third phone call for directions to the hotel and understanding that Route 303 could not be programmed into the friggin’ GPS.

Management at The Turning Point: Thanks for cramming 70 seats into a venue that should hold about 50. The intimate setting during the show really made it special.

Bob and Marion: Meeting you was the best part of the trip! After all, if it hadn’t been for you we would have been stuck in the back instead sitting so close to Johnny we could see the sweat dripping from his brow. Seriously, thanks!

Waitress at The Turning Point: After forgetting to put our food order in, thanks for buying our second round of drinks. Although I really, really wanted that food.

Johnny A: Thanks for being gracious enough at the end of the evening to sign autographs and pose for pictures with B … it made his night.

Waitress at the Orangeburg Holiday Inn: Thanks for nothing. You were really bad.

Sales girl at The Body Shop at LaGuardia: Thank you for being so nice after we had to return our $50 purchase after realizing that we couldn’t carry it on the plane. I am so sorry!

Bartender at Fig’s at LaGuardia: Dude, great Cosmo! Thanks!

TSA: Thanks for getting us through the line quickly and efficiently.

Crew of Airtran Flight 639: Thanks for taking off and landing on time and for the 2 vodka and cranberries that you gave to B to help combat his fear of flying.

Lady sitting across from me with the sleeping baby: Thanks!

My kids: Thanks for not making me feel guilty for taking this trip and thanks for not wrecking the house while I was gone.

B: Thank you for teaching me patience. You are one panicky, obsessive-compulsive man. If I didn’t love you so much I would have thrown your behind out of the moving car as we crossed the GW Bridge.


Believer 1964 said...

Brilliant way of saying "thanks!" Sometimes I laughed, but mostly smiled hard at every line. So glad it was a trip to remember! ;)

PS Got to love those New Yorkers!

nikki said...


lots to be thankful for, even if some of the 'thanks' is sarcastic.

lmao@the last thanks. b betta be glad you love him, no doubt.

Luke Cage said...

People of New York on Saturday afternoon: Thanks for laying on your horns and yelling obscenities at me as I tried to navigate my way out of the city. It reminded me of home!

-lol- are they REALLY that bad back here luv? Umm... now that I think of it.. YEAH, THEY ARE! And that should be "the people of New York on EVERY AFTERNOON, and NIGHT, and Morning - Loved the way you put down this post Chele.

Blah Blah Blah said...

...I simply have no words for you right now...

you. came. to. my. city??!!! no hello...i'dda bought you and mister a know...just a quickie...but...
NO...guess not, huh?

*i'm ok, no...really i am...::sigh::*

**Michele** said...

Frank: It was truly an experience. Not one that I wish to repeat anytime soon.

Bloop: I hope you can forgive me. No excuses but we were there for a total of 24 hours and spent most of those lost.

Blah Blah Blah said...

I coulda un-lost you at least...
The wackness Me-shell my Bell!

...but, over it. Bygones. :)