Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Monday Again

It's 6:30 a.m.

I have a doctor's appointment today and then I'm going to work the rest of the day from home. After the weekend I had I'm not sure how effective I would be at the office anyway. The weekend was wonderful as it was the first really warm weekend of the season and I love the warm weather. Except that my practically brand new AC system decided not to work ... this is the second time these guys are going to have to come out here and flip a switch or do whatever they do. Good thing it's April and not August. I don't want a repeat of last year when I spent four days in a hotel because I couldn't bear the 100 degree heat in my house. So far, the inside has only gotten up to 84 degrees. Right now it's 77.

Did anyone see Obs.essed over the weekend? My daughter saw it with a friend of hers and she said it was an okay movie. I'll probably still wait for the DVD. I did watch on demand on Saturday night. I love Pe.nn. Just love him.

Yesterday's message at church was a powerful one. The pastor spoke about letting go of the past and freeing ourselves to live the life that God has intended for us. God intends for us to live abundantly but so many of us are willing to settle for "just enough". Ever go to church and feel like the message is for you? Like after every sentence the pastor should be saying your name? That's how I felt yesterday. I know I hold on to things for way too long and it has completely blocked me from certain things that should have been mine years ago. It all starts with the renewing of your/my mind. There is no benefit in holding on to past hurts or disappointments. Don't negate them but learn to accept and let go. That is the only way we can move forward. You with me?


lyre said...

Not only am I with you I am also blogging at 630 in the morning.
I am off to get blood work too.
Listen, Booboop's sitter is studying to be a minster. She practiced her sermon on me and I felt it right to my heart. so , Yes. her message: know yourself, know the word and know God. Power is in the knowing. Hallelujah

rita77 said...

That was sure nuff a powerful message at church yesterday, seems like the preacher was talking to me too. Thanks for sharing! Hope your a/c gets sorted, it's going to get hotter!

TJ said...

What a really great message! I didn't see the movie.

Bunny Brown said...

Present!! In other words, don't block your blessings huh? Doesn't it freak you out when you feel the pastor is preaching directly to you. I always wanna look around like how he know that bout me? LOL!

Believer said...

There's nothing like getting manna from heaven from the pulpit. Nothin' like it!

I'm trying to work past disappointments that still linger or trigger emotions. Renewing of the mind. Yeah, let's cancel that mess out with some of what God says.

I'm so with you!