Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 20

Today was a good day. I seem to be having more of those ...

I received my first birthday gift today compliments of the House of LadyLee. I'm four chapters in. This is exciting. I love that feeling of anticipation that comes when you know something significant is about to happen. Like a kid waiting for Christmas.

I went to the gym today. I also went on Saturday. And I'll probably go tomorrow as well. I'm making a decision to cut out the timekillers: for me it's mindless hours spent in front of the television. I've said it before but today I actually did it. I haven't turned on the tube all day. Baby steps.

Who knew that life can actually begin in your forties? I know how cliche that sounds but listen, I actually believed that my life would be over once my kids were grown. This is huge for me. Belief works to your good and to your detriment if you let it. If you believe that your life is over than it is. Conversely, if you believe that your life is just beginning than it is.


TJ said...

I'm pouring the foundation for the next stage of my life. I'm not forty yet, but I'm very excited about it. :)

Grace Matthews said...

Good for you and what you are doing. I think it's great that you have decided to take another path. I have just recently gone through a similar change and it feels great.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your first birthday gift! :)

After reading your post, I'm reminded of Tim McGraw's song "In My Next Thirty Years."