Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Reflections

What a week.

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend and I may get down to the beach one last time before it’s all said and done. I’m looking forward to the weekend. I have a lot of relaxing, reading, exercising, and eating planned. There is a Turkish restaurant I want to check out for brunch on Sunday. Yum.

On Monday while driving to and from Richmond with three teenaged girls in the car I was troubled by a phone conversation that I overheard. I wasn’t eavesdropping, it’s a small car for heaven’s sake. After the step show was over and the girls were coming down from the high of winning, one of them (not my daughter) made a phone call to a boy that I’m assuming is her boyfriend. She said, “Where you been? I called you three times today and kept getting voicemail.”

I said, “You aren’t supposed to be calling a boy three times in one day.”

She ignored me. As expected because she was too busy trying to find out from him where he had been.

This is troubling to me. Why do girls/women think it’s acceptable behavior to call boys/men multiple times if they don’t respond to your first phone call? Why the desperation? Since when do women have to chase men? Trust me, if a woman has to do the chasing, the man doesn’t want her. These girls should know that. That exchange has been on my mind all week and don’t think I didn’t give my own daughter an earful regarding this topic. Every fast girl that has pursued my son has been left by the wayside. I have four brothers and I watched them all do the same thing.

I’ve told this story before but for you new folks: when I was growing up, my mother told me not to call boys. “If they want to talk to you they will call you,” she said. Me, being the rebellious teenager decided that she didn’t know what she was talking about and decided to call a boy. A boy who was my boyfriend at the time. I called, his mama answered the phone and politely told me not to call her son. If he wanted to talk to me, he would call me.


To this day, I don’t initiate phone calls.

On Tuesday, I went to my first Life Group meeting. What are Life Groups? The church that I go to is pretty big so we separate into smaller Life Groups in order to get to know each other and fellowship in a smaller setting. I haven’t officially joined the church yet so I wasn’t sure if Life Groups were open to me. Seems that they are. I went through the directory to try and find a group that best suited my needs: close to home, meets during the week, co-ed, no children.

I found one that met all those criteria and off I went on Tuesday evening. It was a small group and the meeting was just what I needed. We prayed together, worshipped together and discussed the sermon. The pastor is doing a series on change. Examining different things that we want to change about ourselves and recognizing that we are helpless to change ourselves without the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Timely topic for me to say the least. I found it interesting that one of the people in the group had a hard time coming up with one thing they wanted to change about themselves and I had a hard time narrowing down my list to one thing. The one thing that I shared was that I wanted to be able to stop holding grudges. I want to be able to face a situation head-on, let it go, forget about it and move on. I’m a work in progress.

Oh well, the week is almost over and I am ready for the weekend. I’m ready for Sunday’s weigh-in. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend.


ShellyShell said...

I live close to a highschool so when I leave for work or come home I hear some interesting conversations. I noticed that these girls chase these boys. It's a mess.

My mom told me to not call a man either and I have stuck to it all these years later. A guy said to me a few months back here take my number and I said I'll take it but please believe I will NEVER call it. I think a man should call a woman. I will call you back if I miss the call but I'm not going to initiate the call! NOPE!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I'm torn with the whole who calls who thing.... On the one hand I think women have the same right to initiate the conversation that a man does but on the other hand - and I got this straight from my husband when he was my boyfriend - men like to pursue. They need to be the "hunters" and if they don't feel like they are in control of the pursuit, they lose interest. I guess in a perfect world we'd be past the game playing but we all know this is far, far from a perfect world.

Anonymous said...

i'm the same way...I don't ever call men...EVER....I always get the "dee you never call me" I always tell men up front...I WILL NOT CALL need to pursue me....a good morning text and a how was your day text is ALL.YOU.GET....LOL

as far as the young ladies of today...I have 2 sons 2 and 18 and some of the things I have encountered are CRAZY....

my most memorable was "hello is Harry home?" No sweetie he's outside..."can you go get him?"

imagine my response....
sorry to post in the comments...have a great weekend

dee in san diego

TJ said...

All the best for the weigh in. I am all for letting a man be the pursuer in a relationship and letting him miss out when he pulls a houdini.