Saturday, January 8, 2011

5 Years From Now?


Single Ma said...

LOL @ Saturday night edition. I love this video and I can't wait to meet you in person!

I have goals that I'd like to achieve in 5 years and I'm positive that I'll make them happen - God willing - so I usually answer the interview question with my career related goals.

However, 5 years ago, I never would have envisioned my life the way it is today. I didn't imagine myself reaching this point in my career so soon and I would have NEVER imagined myself as a runner. These are both great things and I have no complaints or regrets, but I just didn't visualize them. Clearly, I don't dream big enough, so I know this is all God's work. LOL

Where do I see myself in 5 years? *shrug* I can tell you what I want, but based on past experience, I'm not going to block my blessings with a limited vision. Whatever I'm doing and whomever I'm doing it with, I hope that we're happy. I'll do what I can within my control and let God handle the rest.

Have a great weekend, Chele!

Shai said...

I too felt the same way about my daughter graduating high school and then me moving on. She is going on 21 and has been out the house for a year, got pregnant and is now back for 8 months. SMH.

I used to think of things for me wedged in between her and school, when she was growing up. I thought at 18, yes I can travel and whatnot. Well, that didn't quite happen.

Now I wish for her to continue with college with good grades, a job and making sure my grandson is taken care of.

I used to do 6 month, 1 years, 5 years etc plans/goals. Some came to pass, some I found out were not what I thought they would be, some things came I enjoyed and never imagined, and the rest I pray I get through and finally accomplish.

I dream of traveling, of having a more stable life and having a peace beyond understanding.

5 years from now, I will be 45 going on 46 and I hope to feel joy beyond what I have ever had.

TJ said...

Five years from now, I see myself happily preparing my children to be able to function on their own and contribute to their community and society. And spending more time outdoors :)