Friday, February 11, 2011

My Project and a Little Story

It’s Friday and I’m exhausted from being all deep. So I decided to lighten things up a bit.

I said I needed a project so my hair is my new project. This is Friday’s hair.

I am so regretting the fact that I cut my hair so my project is to get it back to shoulder length by my next birthday in October. Hopefully, I can at least get it into a ponytail by summer. So that means, protective styles, no heat, deep conditioning and supplements. I won’t bore you with updates and all that, because really, who cares besides me?

So this week I was told a story:

There’s this guy who is dating three different women. No one in in this scenario is delusional enough to believe that there is any exclusivity on anyone’s part. They are all just pretty much doing their own thing and they all seem to be satisfied with the situation.

The guy is concerned because one of the women, the one who is in the #1 position, seems to be getting a little attached. They’ve been seeing each other for about two years and even though she says this is a perfect situation for her, her actions seem to contradict this. He says he’s concerned because he doesn’t want her to wake up one day with regrets because she wasted so much time on him because she thought he would change. She thinks she can wait him out.

He says he’s told her his concerns but she protests vehemently and says she’s fine. He feels bad because he knows she’s going to get hurt in the end.

Should he take her at her word and keep seeing her or cut her off altogether?

Don't you just love a good moral dilemma?


Shai said...

Your hair is so cute. Hey whatever you love is fine. :)

He needs to leave her alone, when it is less painful and drama-filled.

Remnants of U said...

Yes, I like the hair style.

Oh, he needs to cut her off. He knows he's not changing his mind, and he knows that she thinks she can wait him out. Cut her off.

Luke Cage said...

Very beautiful look on you Chele. Huggz!

TJ said...

Cute! It's really sad when people are not honest with themselves about their relationship situations, especially something like waiting out a guy who is perfectly happy having more than one partner. He needs to end that situation before things get crazy.

Sandstone said...

The fact that she protests when he shares his concerns with her is a sign that she is more into it than she admits. My advice would be to put some distance in the amount of time that he spends with her. If she starts to get antsy and continues to protests, then he was right and should end the relations with her. And it will also prove to her, that her heart was way ahead of her head in that relationship. She'll thank him in the long run.

Beryl said...

Backing off might escalate emotions. Ending physicality might be easier.

Rose said...

He needs to leave her alone. When people tell you how they feel, listen. Now he needs to show her.
Your hair looks great btw.