Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learning to Adapt

I am challenging myself again. The plan is to exercise 26 out of the next 30 days. I started on Saturday and so far so good. The plan was to get up this morning and run before work but to my surprise, it was still dark at 6:00 am so my plan was thwarted. I guess my early morning weekday runs will have to be done at the gym on the treadmill. Glad I didn’t cancel my gym membership. I’ll go in tonight to get my run in.

I know a lot of women who have either gone natural or are contemplating going natural in order to accommodate their workout schedule. I will not be one of those women. It’s just not for me. Yes, I’m addicted to the creamy crack. Right now, I’m in the middle of a stretch and it’s been 12 weeks and 2 days since my last relaxer. My hair is long enough where I can pull it back into a decent ponytail but I’m getting to the stage where I think I’m having more ugly days than cute days. During my last stretch I wore a wig. This time I’ll wear a half wig. I can protect my hair and still look cute.

More and more I’m finding myself in situations where I have to adapt to certain circumstances. It’s getting easier to adapt. This wasn’t always the case. If things didn’t go exactly how I thought they should go, my whole day, week or month would just be ruined. Now, I can just roll with it. It’s easier that way. Who needs the stress?

This past weekend was a perfect example. Irene showed up and knocked out my power so we had to adapt. My son’s girlfriend did not lose power so we hung out over there for a few hours on Saturday night. On Sunday morning I got up and went for a run, took a shower in the dark and got dressed and went to church. Service was amazing. Everyone was just so happy to be there and the feeling in the room cannot even be described. No grumbling, no complaining, no murmuring … just this unspeakable joy. The sermon was entitled “The Prayer of Praise”. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of a situation and you are so overwhelmed that you don’t know what to pray … just praise. Praise God for all that He is doing and for all that He has already done. For ninety minutes we were just soaking in the spirit. During that time, it didn’t matter that the electricity was out. It didn’t matter that I would have to throw away a bunch of food. Nothing mattered.

When I got home the power was back on.

What's my point? Stop stressing over things that you can't control and look to the one that controls everything.


ShellyShell said...

I'm on a similar plan to you! I've committed to working out 6 out of 7 days. Any day is a rest day but I think I'll leave that for Sunday. Hell I may even go to Yoga on Sundays! I need to get my time down so I need to drop at least 10 more pounds! *sigh*

I'm the eff type of person. Shyt doesn't go the way I see. I just make it do!

I haven't had a relaxer in 3 years. I've weaved my hair up for the last 3 years to. So only my top half is out. I HATE IT! I have to use waaaay more heat then I did when I had a relaxer and I see some damage. I NEVER had damaged hair with the creamy! When I take this weave out next month. I will be going back to the creamy crack. My hair is down my back and healthy with cream! When I do relax my hair I only need to do it twice a year. It's my hair texture. I could get away with no relaxer but it's too much work! No thanks....creamy crack here I come! I've missed you! LOL!

Glad everything worked out for you during Irene. I just had a bunch of trees down in my neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Prayer of praise...LUV it!!!

I am addicted to the creamy crack also....the whold stretch thing is overRATED I stretched 13 weeks once and washing my hair was a NIGHTMARE,,,I lost sooo much during the detangle process....it defeated the whold purpose....

good for you...i'm gonna work on letting go of stuff I can't control

thanks for the post.

dee in san diego

TJ said...

Wow. I'll bet that was an amazing service!