Monday, December 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Why, I wonder, do Monday’s always have to be such a challenge?

Was it always this way? I can’t remember.

Today was no different. It was one thing after another. I believe in doing things correctly the first time. I am not a fan of re-work. I believe in getting things done ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute. Today I discovered that sometimes waiting can have its advantages. I had a deadline to submit 17 proposals by the 14th. All 17 are in different stages of completion. Several have been submitted. Today a truckload of extensions were issued with changes … which means that everything that has been done has to be redone to take into account the changes.

That was my day.

I arrive at work in the morning at 7:30 and I usually leave at 4:30. Today a meeting was scheduled at 5:00 in order to accommodate my west coast colleagues. I left the office at 5:45.

I had to stop by Walgreens to pick up a Silly Santa gift for tomorrow’s Christmas fellowship. I also had to place an order for spring rolls for the same fellowship. At this point, I was in no mood to cook so I ordered some takeout for my daughter and me.

It’s been a long day. On the way home from picking up the takeout the traffic was diverted because of an accident. I’m thinking to myself … I just want to get home.

For me, home has always been defined as a place of comfort, peace and most of all safety. I have never been in a situation where I just had to get out of the house. I don’t recall there ever being a time where I didn’t want to go home. If there ever was a time when my home wasn’t peaceful, I made certain changes to make it so. If you cannot find peace in your home then where will you find it? A peaceful environment is what I wanted to create for my children and I believe I have succeeded at that. I love being home.

When I pulled up at 6:45 and the outside light was on, I smiled. I came in the door and took off my boots and my daughter gave me a big hug and I smiled.

I have known people who would like to be anywhere else except in their own home. That makes me sad. My home is my safe haven. Whenever I feel beat up by the world, I know I can come here and exhale.

If you have a home that welcomes you at the end the day, be thankful.

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