Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've lost my edge. Someone unintentionally reminded me of who I used to be and I realize now that I have lost my edge.

Check out one of my posts from January 2006:

The title of my second book is Confessions of a Beautiful Woman. It will be available on-line soon and before you start rollin’ your eyes and gettin’ all janky let me explain:

Confessions is a compilation of thoughts, essays and poetry that I have written over the last five years. I picked the ones that I really liked and included them in this book. I got the idea from Maya Angelou when Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now was released. I am not comparing myself to Dr. Angelou as a writer, but I think my book is just as valid.

These thoughts, essays and poetry expose feelings that I know millions of women share. I know I’m not the only one that has gotten divorced or has a spoiled daughter or loved someone who was emotionally unavailable … I know I ain’t the only one! At the same time, I truly believe that ALL women are beautiful … some of us exhibit some ugly ways (and we need to cut that shit out!) but we are all beautiful. Therefore, these are the confessions of all beautiful women.

I told someone the title and they rolled their eyes at me like I was trying to be conceited or something! Not so! I’m not conceited … I am beautiful but that is beside the point. Hell, we all know that for every beautiful woman that you see there is a man somewhere who is tired of her ass! My point is that the person who rolled their eyes is a beautiful woman who doesn’t believe she is. A woman who can’t embrace her own beauty has a difficult time when others embrace theirs. For some reason the perception is that in order for me to say that I look good, that means that I’m implying that you don’t. Is that crazy?

I’ve never been the kind of woman who has to wait for a compliment. Don’t get it twisted I’m grateful when I get them. But I don’t need anyone to validate me. Now, if I was as dumb as a box of rocks than I should probably just sit my pretty behind down in a corner somewhere and shut the hell up. Thankfully, I’ve still got a brain cell or two left that never fail me. I’m the first one to point out my flaws: my feet are big, I’d like to be a little heavier and after 15 months of breast feeding I could really use a lift, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am a beautiful woman on the inside and the outside.

Embrace your beauty ladies!

Where did that fiesty chick go? Not sure where she went but brace yourselves ... By the way, regarding the last paragraph and how I wish I was heavier ... yeah well, since 1/2006 I've probably added on a good 10 lbs and I no longer need a lift thanks to the good people at VS! And I'm still fine, so don't get it twisted.


Luke Cage said...

I liked the part where you, my beautiful sista (yeahhh, I guess I said it) said: "gettin’ all janky" - lol - that was cute. I never heard the term. And this is where you say that Janky means:.....

nikki said...

i was wondering the SAME THING last week about myself. like, where's my damn swagger?!? WHEREDITGO?

hell, maybe we the same folk and just express ourselves differently? not a convincing argument? yeah, i don't buy it either...

oh well, if you find the answer, let me know.

**Michele** said...

@ Frank: Janky: stank, beside yourself, walking around with your azz on your shoulders ... you know ... janky!

@ nikki: maybe you are expressing yourself differently ... me? I was hiding.

princessdominique said...

*lol* do your thing Chele!