Monday, July 27, 2009


... is the greatest gift, it's the space between two certainties.

Any change on its way from one place of stability to the next one, passes through a period of doubt. Your old perspective has to disintegrate, and doubt comes in for a visit - even if only for a moment, before the new perspective takes root. Doubt is your greatest gift, because from doubt you can go anywhere.


TJ said...

Hmm. Never thought about it that way.

Blu Jewel said...

WOW! That's an interesting spin. Hmmm? Gonna have to go ponder more on this one Chele.

Love to live; live to love!

LB said...

Yes, this is definitely one of those statements that I have to chew on. Thanks.

ShellyShell said...

That's a great statement. I wrote a blog last night about doubting myself about making a job change.
Great statement Chele!